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Damyang Bamboo Festival

●○ Damyang Bamboo Festival is one of the representative festivals of Korea designated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The festival is taking a leap to become a global festival to enhance the value of agricultural products of the region and to develop regional culture. You can enjoy the festival at the beginning of May every year. Damyang Bamboo Festival

Beginning of May / Annually Place of Organization│Area around Juknokwon, Gwanbangjerim Organized by│Damyang-gun / Damyang Bamboo Festival Committee

Yongmyeon Cherry Blossom Festival

|In April, Biennial It is held in Chuwolsan (Mountain), the representative tourist attraction of Damyang. You can see beautiful cherry blossoms, feel the scent of spring and also enjoy different types of agricultural products such as honeybees.

Place of Organization : Chuwolsan (Mountain) in Yong-myeon / Parking Lot & Contac : 061)380-3877~8

Goseo Grape Festival

|In August, Biennial In the festival, you can participate in various events such as picking grapes, and making wine. Also, you can enjoy different types of performances, grape tasting and more.

Place of Organization : Area around Ecological Park, Jeungam-cheon, Goseo-myeon Contact : 061)380-3757~8

Metasequoia Road Festival (Garosu Love Music Festival)|In October It is a green cultural experience festival where you can enjoy nature and culture with the arts simultaneously in the ‘Metasequoia Road’, the well-being tourist attraction which is known as the most beautiful road in Korea.

Place of Organization : Metasequoia-lined Road Contact : 061)380-3154

DaesupmalgeunDamyang Beef Festival |In October It is a festival where you can taste high-quality Damyang beef reared in an Environmentally-friendly way, and other types of food. It is a venue where consumers and farmers can meet.

Place of Organization : Fountain plaza in front of Juknokwon Contact : 061)380-2730

Changpyeong Traditional Slow Food Festival | In October, Biennial It is a fun festival where you can taste Korean & Damyang traditional food. You can also enjoy pottery making, rice taffy making, competition to eat Korean traditional sweets, taffy slap-matches and more.

Place of Organization : Changpyeong Market in Changpyeong-myeon Contact : 061)383-3807

Damyang Santa Festival|December It is a winter festival where you can feel the special atmosphere of Christmas in Damyang by enjoying largetree, photo zone, carol music, busking performance, Christmas related programs and landscape lighting that makes Damyang the warm city of lights.

Location : Meta Provence area, original downtown of Damyang-eup Contact : 061)380-3150~2

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