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Miam Museum and Miam Diary which recorded daily life of Joseon Dynasty

●○ Miam museum is located in Jangsan-ri, Daedeok-myeon. The museum has preserved the ‘Miam Diary’ (National Treasure No. 260) written by the scholar, Yu Hee-chun (pen name, Miam/ 1513~1577) which recorded not only formal matters discussed in the courts, but also personal matters. The diary dates from October 1st, 1567 to May 13th, 1577 spanning about 11 years. It is the lengthiest diary found that were written in the Joseon Dynasty and is valuable as a historical source.

Location│89-4, Jangdong-gil, Daedeok-myeon, Damyang-gun

Meta Provence : A Little Europe of Damyang

●○ Next to Metasequoia Road, you can find a village where you can feel the atmosphere of Europe. You can enjoy delicious food, restaurants, cafes, cultural items and souvenirs in the village.

Location│ 2-17, Gipeunsil-gil, Damyang-eup, Damyang-gun

Gamagol Ecological Park : the origin of Youngsan River

● ○ The 4km of the areas surrounding Yongchubong in Chuwol Mountain is called ‘Gamagol’. You can enjoy magnificent views of valleys with clean water and dense forest throughout the year.

Location│ 261, Yongso-gil, Yong-myeon, Damyang-gun

Damyangho and Yongmaru-gil: the shadow of moon floating on the lake

●○ Water that passes through Yongchubong and valleys in Chuwol Mountain finds its place to take some rest in Damyangho. It is listed as the best scenic spot in Damyang as the lake is surrounded by Chuwol Mountain tourist complex, Gama – gol Ecological Park, and Geumseongsanseong which attracts people to pleasantly walk around the beautiful lake. The promenade created is called ‘Yongmaru-gil’ which is named after its shape that looks like a dragon lying on the land when viewed from above.

Location│ Damyangho- 150-3, Dorimri-san, Yong-myeon, Damyang-gun / Yongmaru-gil – 981, Chuwolsan-ro, Yongmyeon, Damyang-gun

Hanjaegol : A landscape painting-like scenery

● ○ Located in Pyeongjang-ri, Daejeon-myeon, Hanjaegol mimics a landscape painting with strange rocks and bizarre stones surrounded by green pine groves. The valley which is about 1.3km long boasts clean waters where you can see fish playing in the clear water.

Location│ 12-4, Pyeongjangri-san, Daejeon-myeon, Damyang-gun

Yongheungsa Valley : Prayer for the birth of King Youngjo

● ○ Yongheungsa, located in the middle of Younggusan opens the beautiful scenery of the valley. The valley is famous for ginkgo trees, green pine groves and transparent water.

Location│442, Youngheungsa-gil, Wolsan-myeon, Damyang-gun

Changpyeong Slow City Samjinae Village : The first and only slow city in Asia

● ○ On December 1st, 2007, Changpyeong-myeon Samjinae village was designated as the first and only slow city in Asia. Low stonewall walkways and silent streets are filled with stories, and water tides behind the stonewall shine brightly under the sunlight. The slowness provided by Samjinae village is a great taste of relaxation.

Location│ 56-24, Doldamgil, Changpyeong-myeon, Damyang-gun

Korea Bamboo Museum : The only bamboo products exhibition in Korea

●○ Bamboo trees are recognized as a symbol of the southern part of Korea. Damyang has the most in Korea. In 1998, Korea Bamboo Museum was opened boasting largest scale bamboo exhibition, sales, and resting areas. Currently, it exhibits about 2,500 products made of bamboo trees from all over the world.

Contact│061-380-2909 35 Jukhyangmunhwa-ro, Damyang-eup, Damyang-gun

Damyang Resort : Wash your worries in hot spring!

●○ Damyang resort is comprised of a family hotel and huge hot springs where you can enjoy your time in Damyang with your family. Also, the resort has outdoor swimming pools for the summer season. Location│202, Geumseongsanseong-gil, Geumseong-myeon, Damyang-gun.

Contact│061-380-5000 Website│

Honam Climate Change Center Honam Climate Change Center

● ○ Nowadays, the importance of the environment is receiving spotlight from all over the world. The center is an exhibition space and a venue of education where we can experience various cultures and lifestyles and recognize the significance of climate change.

Location│12, Metasequoia-lined Road, Damyang-eup, Damyang-gun

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