Natural Agricultural Products

Daesupmalgeun Rice

Environmentally-friendly rice cultivated using an organic method. Rice cultivated through a bio-agricultural method utilizing bamboo charcoal and Bamboo Smoke Distillates.

Daesupmalgeun Korean Beef

The taste of Damyang beef is listed as the best even in neighboring cities like Gwangju. Jukhyang Beef is reared to produce alkaline beef by feeding fibrous fodder which includes barley bran, rice bran, and peanut hull.

Daesupmalgeun Starwberries

It is high-quality strawberry that ranked first in the Garak Market for 2 consecutive years as it is produced through natural fertilization using honeybees. It is produced in an Environmentally-friendly way as ionic water and Bamboo Smoke Distillates are used in the production process

Daesupmalgeun Tomatos

The best Damyang local product cultivated by Environmentally-friendly organic methods. It is juicy, sweet and has a good scent which boasts the best quality throughout the nation.

Daesupmalgeun Melons

The product boasts the best quality as it is cultivated in an Environmentallyfriendly way. The production process is trustworthy as it is strictly managed from cultivation to shipment.

Daesupmalgeun Blueberries

Blueberries are not only effective in preventing artery clogs with its Anthocyanin pigment, but also effective in preventing obesity, atherosclerosis, and strokes.

Daesupmalgeun Grapes

The product is high-quality with a dark color and high sugar content as it is produced in an Environmentally-friendly cultivation method using rain shelters. A biennial grape festival is organized in August in Goseo-myeon.

Daesupmalgeun Sweet Persimmons

It is recognized as the top persimmon in Korea acquiring quality marks through the cultivation in an Environmentallyfriendly method using animal by-products and sawdust. Jukhyang Sweet Persimmon Agricultural Association Corporation : 383-3816


Daesuphyang Jukrocha is named after tea grown with bamboo dewdrops. It is completely natural wild tea grown in large, clean farming areas under scattered sunlight.


It is a tea made of young wild bamboo leaves grown in the mountains and wild fields of Damyang. The mild scent of bamboo tree makes you calm and relaxed.

Damyang Korean Tradtional Sweets┃ Changpyeong Rice Taffy

Korean traditional sweets and Changpyeong Rice Taffy produced in Damyang are made of Korean agricultural products grown in clean farmlands near Youngsan River. As the products are made using traditional methods, they boast great taste and scent.

Bamboo Products

Bamboo products produced in Damyang are hard, heavy, and have a smooth surface which is globally renowned for its quality.

Bamboo Charcoal┃ Bamboo Smoke Distillate

Bamboo charcoal made of Phyllostachys bambusoides and Phyllostachys nigra var. henonis Stapf2 are excellent in for infrared ray emissions, purification, emission of anions, filtering, and heavy metal absorption. Also, Bamboo Smoke Distillates developed by naturally cooling smoke generated while burning charcoal has excellent sterilizing effects.

Bindorim Honey Candle Bindorim

It is the only hand-made candle in Korea. Made of 100% pure natural beeswax. It has a beautiful gold color and mild honey scent.

Daeipsul (Bamboo Leaf Alcohol)┃Chuseongju

Chuseongju with beautiful color and scent is made of clean polished rice and pure grains from Youngsan River which has been filtered by bamboo charcoal. Daeipsul is the only green-colored alcohol in Korea manufactured with bamboo leaves which is highly popular.

Damyang Juksun, the best natural food

Damyang is said to have the clearest skies in the country as it is in a clean area. Its climate is perfect for bamboo growth which produces high-quality bamboo shoots with great taste. Damyang Juksun is produced in different forms : raw bamboo shoots, pickled bamboo shoots and more.

Bamboo Smoke Distillate Soap

The hand-made soap is made of natural ingredients which boasts excellent moisturizing effects due to natural glycerin and does not tighten the skin after washing. The smoke distillate makes the soap to have high sterilization and antiinflammation effects. When using the soap for face wash, rub it in your hands until it creates foam and gently massage over the face for over 30 seconds.

Traditional Food Paste

Soy bean, the main ingredient of Doenjang (Korean soy bean taste) is the best health food with high content of protein fat, and nutrients. Many kinds of traditional food pastes are produced and sold using 100% Korean soy beans. The product is produced by being naturally fermented in a big pot which breathes the clean air and warm sunlight of Damyang. The product has been recognized for its great taste and quality as it has Korean traditional taste and scent.


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